Laptop Battery Lapcare Compatible For HP HS04 4C LHOBTS5805

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14.8V, 2000mAh Black, 30Wh




High Quality Cells Used, No Memory effect, Internaionally certified, Environment friendly

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Compatible with HP Pavilion 15-AY001NC 15-AY001TX 15-AY002TX 15-AY004LA 15-AY004NC 15-AY005LA 15-AY006LA 15-AY006NC 15-AY006TU 15-AY007LA 15-AY008LA 15-AY009DX 15-AY009LA 15-AY010LA 15-AY010NR 15-AY010TX 15-AY011LA 15-AY011NC 15-AY011NR 15-AY011TX 15-AY012LA 15-AY012NA 15-AY012TX 15-AY013LA 15-AY013NA 15-AY013NC 15-AY013NR 15-AY014LA 15-AY014NA 15-AY016LA 15-AY016NR 15-AY016TU 15-AY017LA 15-AY017TU 15-AY017TX 15-AY018LA 15-AY018NA 15-AY018NR 15-AY018TU 15-AY018TX 15-AY019LA

Compatible with HP Pavilion 15-AY019NR 15-AY019TU 15-AY019TX 15-AY020LA 15-AY020NA 15-AY020NR 15-AY020TU 15-AY020TX 15-AY021LA 15-AY021TU 15-AY022LA 15-AY022NA 15-AY022NC 15-AY022TU 15-AY023LA 15-AY023NA 15-AY023NR 15-AY023TU 15-AY024LA 15-AY024NA 15-AY024TU 15-AY025LA 15-AY025TU 15-AY026LA 15-AY026NA 15-AY026TU 15-AY027LA 15-AY027NA 15-AY027NC 15-AY027TX 15-AY028NA 15-AY028TX 15-AY029NA 15-AY031NA 15-AY032NA 15-AY032TU 15-AY033NA 15-AY033TU 15-AY034NA 15-AY034NC 15-AY035NA

Compatible with HP Pavilion 15-AY035NC 15-AY036NA 15-AY037NC 15-AY038NA 15-AY039WM 15-AY041WM 15-AY042TU 15-AY043TU 15-AY043TX 15-AY044NA 15-AY044TU 15-AY044TX 15-AY045TU 15-AY045TX 15-AY046TU 15-AY046TX 15-AY047TU 15-AY047TX 15-AY048TU 15-AY048TX 15-AY049NA 15-AY049TU 15-AY049TX 15-AY050TU 15-AY050TX 15-AY051NC 15-AY051TU 15-AY051TX 15-AY052NC 15-AY052NR 15-AY052TU 15-AY052TX 15-AY053NC 15-AY053NR 15-AY053TU 15-AY053TX 15-AY054TU 15-AY054TX 15-AY055TU 15-AY055TX 15-AY056TU

Compatible Parts Number 807611-131 807611-141 807611-221 807611-241 807611-251 807611-421 807611-831 807612-131 807612-141 807612-221 807612-241 807612-251 807612-421 807612-422 807612-831 807956-001 807957-001 843532-851 843533-851 HS03 HS03031-CL HS04 HS04041 HS04041-CL HSTNN-DB7I HSTNN-LB6U HSTNN-LB6V HSTNN-PB6S HSTNN-PB6T M2Q95AA#ABA M2Q95AA N2L85AA#ABB N2L85AA TPN-C125 TPN-C126 TPN-I119 TPN-I120


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