Laptop Battery Lapcare For Aspire ONE D-255 6C

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Battery Rating 11.1V 4400mAh Black
Battery Type Internal /External External
Battery Weight 303g
Specification High Quality Cells Used, No Memory effect, Internaionally certified, Environment friendly
No Of Cell
Battery Dimension 203.7*54.5*39.3
Compatibility Aspire One AOD255-1134Aspire One AOD255-1203Aspire One AOD255-1549Aspire One AOD255-1625Aspire One AOD255-2331Aspire One AOD255-2333Aspire One AOD255-2509Aspire One AOD255-2520Aspire One AOD255-2981Aspire One AOD260-2028Aspire One AOD260-2203Aspire One AOD260-2207Aspire One AOD260-2344Aspire One AOD260-2365Aspire One AOD260-23797Aspire One AOD260-2380Aspire One AOD260-2440Aspire One AOD260-2455Aspire One AOD260-2571Aspire One AOD260-2576Aspire One AOD260-2680Aspire One AOD260-2919Aspire One AOD260-2BkkAspire One AOD260-2BpAspire One AOD260-N51B/KAspire One AOD260-N51B/KFAspire One AOD260-N51B/MAspire One AOD260-N51B/PAspire One AOD260-N51B/SAspire One AOD260-N51B/SFAspire One D255-1134Aspire One D255-1203Aspire One D255-1549Aspire One D255-1625Aspire One D255-2331Aspire One D255-2333Aspire One D255-2509Aspire One D255-2520Aspire One D255-2981Aspire One D260-2028Aspire One D260-2203Aspire One D260-2207Aspire One D260-2344Aspire One D260-2365Aspire One D260-23797Aspire One D260-2380Aspire One D260-2440Aspire One D260-2455Aspire One D260-2571Aspire One D260-2576Aspire One D260-2680Aspire One D260-2919Aspire One D260-2BkkAspire One D260-2BpAspire One D260-N51B/KAspire One D260-N51B/KFAspire One D260-N51B/MAspire One D260-N51B/PAspire One D260-N51B/SAspire One D260-N51B/SF ACER Happy ONE ACER ASPIRE ONE D255E

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