Power Cable Desktop Portronics Konnect G1 PQR 1712

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Brand Portronics
Model Konnect G1
Product Code POR 1712 (Grey)
Power Connector  3 Prong
Cord Length  1.5m
Load Capacity 350W
Country of Origin China


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  • 3 prong power connector - Portronics Konnect G1 is a 3 prong power connector to power up your PCs and laptops. Connect this cable to the device and connect it to the power source to deliver power to your devices.
  • 350W power output - No need to worry about adept power delivery to your devices. With Konnect G1 power cable, you get an enhanced load capacity of 350W. Get best power output and keep your performance up to the mark.
  • Pure wire grade copper - Konnect G1 is manufactured using pure wire grade copper to give high conductivity to your devices. This way you get a better and more efficient charging experience for laptops and enhanced power delivery for PCs.
  • PVC insulation - We care for your safety. Prevent any kind of mishaps with the inner and outer insulation of the Konnect G1 power cable. Experience durability with heavy duty power delivery capacity.
  • Absolute flexibility - With its 1.5 meter long cable, Konnect G1 provides you with the flexibility to use your device even when the power socket is away from you. Avoid tangling of cable flexible usage.
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the power cable.


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