Laptop Power Adaptor For HP Envy 19.5v 3.33a 65w

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Model Id
  • 19.5V 3.33A (4.5x3.0mm)
Connector Pin Type
  • 4.5x3.0mm
Output Current (A)
  • 3.33 A
Short Circuit Protection
  • Yes
Designed For:
  • HP 14-r100 14-r152nr 14-r250ur 15-d000sr 15-d001sr 15-d002sr 15-d050sr 15-d051sr 15-d053sr 15-d054sr 15-d056sr 15-d057sr 15-d059sr 15-g000sr 15-g001sr 15 g002sr- 15- g015sr 15-g018sr 15-g019sr 15-g070sr 15-g099er 15-g200ur 15-g205ur 15-g206ur 15-g209ur 15-g213ur 15-g214ur 15-r050sr 15-r053sr 15-r054sr 15-r062sr 15-r063sr 15-r065sr 15 -r067sr 15-r073sr 15-r098sr 15-r151nr 15-r152nr 15-r153nr 15-r155nr 15-r157nr 15-r161nr 15-r162nr 15-r163nr 15-r256ur 15-r257ur 15-r259ur 15-r262ur 15-r266ur 15-r268ur 15-r271ur 15-r272ur Series, 210 G1 215 215 G1 240 245 250 G1 250 G2 250 G3 250 G4 255 G1 255 G2HP 255 G3 255 G4 350 G1 350 G2 355 G2 Series, HP ENVY x2 Envy x360 15 Envy x360 15-u050er Envy x360 15-u100nr Envy x360 15-u250ur Envy x360 15t Series, HP Pavilion 10 Pavilion 10-e010sr Pavilion 10-f100 Pavilion 11 Pavilion 11-e000er Pavilion 11-e010sr Pavilion 11-n050er Pavilion 11-n051sr Pavilion Touchsmart 1

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A laptop adapter is crucial for the smooth use of the device, as it enables you to charge your laptop batteries with ease. Each brand and model has a specific laptop power adapter that is compatible with it. Thus it is important to know your laptop model well before you purchase a replacement adapter for it. Proper voltage, watts and amperage of your laptop model are some essentials that you need to keep in mind. Lapcare brings you one the finest and largest range of laptop adapters. Compatible with different brands and models, these adapters come with a warranty of 12 months. Apart from this it also comes with a unique lapcare protection plan which insures your connected equipment to the adapter


Compatible Adapters for Apple/Asus/Wipro/Hcl/Ibm/Gateway/Samsung also Available


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