SAS Car USB Air Revitalizer/Purifier - WB-RBNB-563 (with 25 ml essence oils bottle)

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SAS Car USB Air Revitalizer/Purifier (with essential oils bottle..!! )


Suitable for car usage with USB cable.

Can be added with USB adaptor or car lighter adaptor.

Mini size. Fashionable design, easy to  operate, convenient to carry.

Safe and energy-saving.

Has LED rainbow light on the bowl.



1. High-tech, adapted high speed rotation and centrifugal to purify harmful substances in air to create clean, hygienic air.

2. Removing cigarette smell, food smell, body smell and other unpleasant smell.

3. Can remove the dust, pollen, suspended particles in the air.

4. Can increase the indoor humidity,  which is suitable for air-conditioning.

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1) Environmental Friendly: Uses water to absorb impurities.

2) Well-designed: Uses USB (and can be connected to computer as well),

3) Portable to carry and place it anywhere

4) Multifunctional: 4 in 1 air purifier, rainbow lights, aroma diffuser and mosquito repellent (with essential oils)


  • Item Code: WB-RBNB-563
  • Capacity: 60ml


DISCLAIMER: The actual product color, size and shape may vary.

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