Diwali Offer Shyno Toilet Cleaner 500 ml + Shyno Floor Cleaner 950 ml + Happy Maid Dish Wash 200 ml + Shyno Bathroom Cleaner 500 ml + Evince Hand Wash 500 ml + Free Bucket

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Shyno Toilet Cleaner (Disinfectant)

Kills 99.9%* Bacteria for Total Protection.
Makes your toilet extraordinarily clean and sparkling
Removes 10 x more yellowish and tough stains
Works well in both western and Indian toilets
Leaves the toilet smelling fresh and safe for septic tanks


Shyno Glass and Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Its convenient trigger helps you spray directly on the stains for maximum effectiveness

Added benefit developed with repellent properties that keeps glass cleaner, longer


Shyno Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaners

Kills 99.9%* Bacteria, For Total Protection.

It's easy to clean and disinfect when you can get rid of soap scum and other tough bathroom stains on contact. There's no scrubbing needed with Shyno Disinfectant Bathroom Cleaner. Its powerful formula eliminates 99.9% of bacteria as it cleans, freshens and shines.

Fragrance - Lime and Lavender


Shyno Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

Kills 99.9%* Bacteria for Total Protection.

Range of floor cleaners which are fully formulated containing disinfectants to leave your floors/surface sparkling clean and protected from harmful germs and bacteria.Its unique quick drying formula dries the surface super quick.


Happy Maid Liquid Dishwash

Natural and safe to wash, removes sticky food, food smell, oil residues, stains et

Dishwash does not leave behind any residue after the wash, except for a sparkling shin

Tough on stains, gentle on your hands


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